Magento Technical Audit

Let's get technical about Magento. Our Magento eCommerce experts can give in depth technical advice on known and potential Magento issues with our Magento Technical Audit

The MoonShot Labs Magento Technical Audit much like your annual health check ensures that your Magento system remains healthy and ready to perform. Regardless of the skill of your Magento solution partner and independent review from a fresh pair of eyes is may be just what the doctor ordered.

During our technical eCommerce assessment, we’ll review your online shopping system to enure the implementation of Magento best practice and identify any known or potential issues with your Magento system which may impact performance or sales.

Magento Technical Audit

With this service we aim to asses the general soundness of the system and uncover any underlying performance issues and provide suggestions for improvements you can apply to your Magento online store.

We’re based in Pretoria South Africa however we’ve done Magento Technical Audits for clients from Australia to Hong Kong, The United Kingdom  & even the USA which have helped uncover performance issues increase sales and improve the general maintainability.

Areas Covered in Magento Technical Audit

Code and Database

Inline with Magento best practice & standards we ensure that core code has not been modified. We run various integrity checks on the Magento database & review custom code and modules to ensure that best practices have been employed.

Speed and performance

We analyze the page speed & loading times of Home page,Category, Product, Shopping cart & Checkout pages of your site.

Third Party Extensions

We analyze the code and usage of third party extensions to ensure they work correctly and are not causing any issues.

What you get with our Magento Technical Audit

With MoonShot Lab’s Magento eCommerce technical audit you will be getting an in depth synopsis of the state of your store’s code base and general maintainability.

Our Report includes:

  1. Executive Summary:
    A quick overview outlining our findings and priorities
  2. Detailed explanation of findings and Suggestions
    The technical bit, mostly aimed at developers and technical staff with as much detail as possible so that the non-technical people can understand it too
  3. Top priorities
    We prioritize issues so that the most critical issues can be resolved first.
  4. Detailed Roadmap
    Once you know what the issues are it’s important to know how to resolve them. We provide a comprehensive plan of what needs to be done and how it can be achieved.
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